Seymour Fink, retired senior piano professor in the Department of Music, University of New York at Binghamton, has made a lifetime study of piano technique and its pedagogy.

An active solo and chamber pianist, Professor Fink gives numerous master classes and lecture demonstrations on piano teaching and technical development. He brings to this study a wealth of European and American educational experience, worldwide travel and observation of the pianistic scene, and more than 35 years of piano teaching experience.


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  Mastering Piano Technique & Video
A Guide for Students, Teachers, and Performers

Seymour Fink

Now on DVD!

Finally available in DVD format, get Seymour Fink's renowned Mastering Piano Technique and video together in one low cost set. This package sets pianists of every skill free to express their most musical ideas with a holistic approach to the keyboard based on a sound understanding of the relationship between physical function and movement and musical purpose. In this invaluable resource for pianists and teachers, Professor Fink explains his groundbreaking ideas and demonstrates his innovative developmental exercises.

"Probably the most important ... compendioum of piano technical exercises in the last fifty years."

  -Professor Steve Robinson
 American Music Teacher

"Fink has given the piano world a wonderful and unique gift."

  -Jacqueline Schmitt
 American Music Teacher

"Superb ... a comprehensive technical guide for pianists of all levels ... The video's live presentation provides immediate and unmistakable communication."

  -Chai-Kyou Mallinson
Piano Guild Notes

"Performance and pedagogy teachers will want their students and collegues to share the wisdom in Seymour Fink's Mastering Piano Technique ... He offers us a wealth of insights, not the least of which are his understanding of learning sequences, habit formation, and the pianist's primary motivation, music making."

  -Professor Phyllis A. Lehrer
Westminster Choir College
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