Seymour Fink, retired senior piano professor in the Department of Music, University of New York at Binghamton, has made a lifetime study of piano technique and its pedagogy.

An active solo and chamber pianist, Professor Fink gives numerous master classes and lecture demonstrations on piano teaching and technical development. He brings to this study a wealth of European and American educational experience, worldwide travel and observation of the pianistic scene, and more than 35 years of piano teaching experience.


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  Mastering Piano Technique
A Guide for Students, Teachers, and Performers

Seymour Fink


Any student of the piano can benefit from a holistic approach, in which coordinated movements of the pianist's body provide the foundation for reaching the heights of musical creativity and expression.

"In Mastering Piano Technique Professor Fink has organized in a systematic way, a lifetime of study and experience in the field of piano teaching and performance. There is something here for anyone concerned with the piano. For the novice the whole range of pianistic movement is explored and applied in logical sequence. Even mature artists may well find solutions to persistent physical problems that up to now may have eluded them."

  -George Kiorpes, Head of Piano
 School of Music, University of 
 North Carolina, Greensboro

Mastering Piano Technique
is a well-organized and easy-to-use handbook for the piano student and teacher alike. It is a comprehensive and concise study covering systematically every major aspect of piano technique by means of lucid conceptual analysis, excellent practical examples, a useful vocabulary, and fine illustrations."

  -Menahem Pressler
 Pianist of the Beaux Arts Trio
 School of Music, Indiana University

Lack of strength, flexibility, and grace slow a student's progress and may permanently frustrate interpretive goals. But with the careful and thorough development of physical skills, the pianists will have at his or her command the efficiency, power, and agility necessary to communicate the deepest meaning of the music. Just as grammar is an unconscious foundation of verbal expression, so musical technique is the necessary underpinning of creative expression.
Seymour Fink has drawn on many years of concert performance and teaching to distill this comprehensive program for the piano student. If the student follows the program systematically, a firm, supple technique results, and he or she will avoid bad habits and potential injury. Musical examples from the traditional repertoire complement the practice exercises, clearly demonstrating the value of the study. Numerous illustrations accompany the text, making the book easy to use, even at the keyboard.

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